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The fragile Job of a tow truck driver

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Firefighters, police and paramedics, we recognize the fragile nature of their jobs and the kind of toll it can take on a person’s mental health. However, when it comes to towing services in Buffalo, government fails to categorize them into same list.

They suffer from PTSD

A tow truck driver (who had to leave his job) had to see two children perish in a fire, had to CPR a toddler who later died in hospital and later on take the bodies out of the destroyed vehicle. One can only imagine the kind of trauma he must’ve suffered. Due to lack of any policy and training (in regards to) handling traumatic situations he was unable to work. The event kept on haunting him and he eventually quit his job, now he is surviving on social security checks. There is no workers compensation regarding mental trauma for tow truck drivers.


Tow truck drivers are often underpaid

In addition to no having any emotional training, tow truck drivers are some of the most underpaid people compared to the nature of their dangerous job. They are paid much less than their trauma respondent counterparts (police, firefighters, paramedics).

No on job security

Tow truck drivers do the jobs that even fire department is unable to do. For example, cutting a completely destroyed vehicle and retrieving the bodies or survivors. These can be gruesome sights but the real dilemma is, tow truck drivers have to perform their job without necessary security equipment. One time there was an auto carrier crash in which a car fell on the roof of the warehouse, caused a massive hole and fell down in the building. The towing service in Buffalo had to go through the roof and rescue the driver, and there was gas leak due to collision. The tow truck crew jumped in without any necessary security equipment (because they weren’t provided any).

No proper training

There is no training regarding stress management, trauma management, or dealing with disturbing sights (which they have to see often) for tow truck drivers. They’re trained in fixing cars and other towing jobs, but being one of the first respondents on any accident site, they have to perform so many duties not listed in their work description.

Industry is not regulated

Unlike other emergency responding services, towing industry in not properly regulated. There are no policies regarding providing employees with mental care, which is a necessity.


Most tow truck drivers end up leaving their jobs after suffering work related trauma and are unable to work anywhere else. These workers should be compensated, as they’re equally heroic as a firefighter or paramedic responding to the accident.

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